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Nov 10, 2015
by Jenny Anderson
A true labor of love, 24 Hour Web Project tests our creativity and our energy. Take a look at the recap of Year 7 to see how it instantly fills us back up!
Jun 29, 2015
by Jenny Anderson
We're happy to announce Project Libertas as this year's 24 Hour Web Project recipient!
Oct 10, 2014
by Jenny Anderson
It may have been our 6th annual 24 Hour Web Project, but each year brings new challenges, new ideas, and new fun!
Oct 02, 2014
by Sara McGuyer
#heartmyhood is a collaboration between SmallBox and Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center to spread neighborhood love in Indy. Here's one reason ...
Jun 02, 2014
by Lydia Lodovisi
Applications are open for our yearly all nighter for a good cause.
Oct 10, 2013
by Lydia Lodovisi
We’ve just finished up our fifth edition (and year) of the 24 Hour Web Project, let's recap, shall we?
Oct 01, 2013
by Tyler Bender
24 Hour Web Project is finally here! This year we've teamed up with the fantastic organization, Partners in Housing to build a website in 24 straight ...
Sep 21, 2011
by Sara McGuyer
We've had some time to rest up and recover from the all-night frenzy of planning, designing and coding known as the 24 Hour Web Project. In its third ...
Sep 14, 2011
by Lydia Lodovisi
 We're in the thick of our third annual 24 Hour Web Project (going on through noon on September 15). Our team is excited about the challenge and ...
Oct 12, 2010
by Lydia Lodovisi
When we did the first 24 Hour Web Project in July 2009 with Second Helpings, it was a bit of a leap of faith. Yes, we did some planning (Does the serv...
Oct 01, 2010
by Jeb Banner
We just finished our second 24 Hour Web Project. Last year we did www.secondhelpings.org, this year we knocked out a brand new Website for Madame Walk...
Jul 16, 2009
by Jeb Banner
The Small Box and Second Helpings team have just launched the new Second Helpings website! This was an all night, 24 hour job starting at 1pm yesterda...