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Jul 22, 2016
by Jeb Banner
If you are familiar with SmallBox you may have noticed a shift toward things like human-centered design, employee engagement, and workshop facilitation.
May 06, 2016
by Jeb Banner
At SmallBox, we see projects as a great platform for learning and change, essentially a 2-for-1 approach.
Nov 05, 2015
by Dan Fahrner
Even when removing a barrier to growth appears straightforward, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to pull off right? Enter a new creative exercise desig...
Oct 20, 2015
by Dawn Sparks
If you’re producing content with the intention of helping prospective customers better understand how you can solve their business problems, conside...
Sep 15, 2015
by Leigh Marino
When we began the process of redesigning IHA's Harmony magazine, it seemed a rather daunting task — how do you begin to redesign a publication with ...
Sep 09, 2015
by Jeb Banner
Nothing is more satisfying to our team than seeing our clients empowered by the work we do together. We want to bring our clients into the journey, to...
Sep 02, 2015
by Sara McGuyer
To kick off a collaboration with Indiana University Alumni Association to write their next five-year plan, we facilitated their board retreat and coll...
Jul 23, 2015
by Lydia Lodovisi
Part two in a two-post series about our work with Visit Indy.
Sep 30, 2013
by Jenny Anderson
Research is a significant part of our process at SmallBox and we recently took it the next level, sending Jenny underwater for her scuba certification.
Jul 03, 2013
by Sara McGuyer
With our client National Benevolent Association dispersed around the country, we facilitated a fun, two-day design sprint that brought our teams toget...
Apr 24, 2013
by Sara McGuyer
Embracing openness and transparency has created a lot of opportunities for SmallBox. Much of our team is comfortable living our lives online. As a com...
Feb 13, 2013
by Sara McGuyer
Are you a good question-asker? I spend a fair amount of time dissecting what makes SmallBoxers tick, trying to parse out the common traits which, at l...