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Mar 18, 2015
by Drew DeBoy
Nice Grants return for Year 3 – apply now to get submit your idea for funding!
Apr 25, 2014
by Teresa Tatum
We've collected, sorted and voted – now it's time to congratulate the 2014 Nice Grants recipients!
Mar 17, 2014
by Kasey Bradley
Have a crazy / weird / awesome idea to improve Indianapolis? We hope so - because Nice Grants is back in 2014... and this time, it's personal.
Jan 10, 2014
by Kasey Bradley
Your robot overlords have arrived, and they are making your art!
Oct 23, 2013
by Kasey Bradley
SmallBox is big on bikes. If we could make the internet work on pedal power alone we would be more than happy to keep the entire thing afloat ourselve...
Oct 11, 2013
by Jason Ward
The Nice Grants team was immediately drawn to Jon's plan to do a series of infographics that help people visualize different issues affecting Central ...
Sep 25, 2013
by Sara McGuyer
We're following the story of Nice Grants recipient Kate Franzman, an agency creative turned urban beekeeper. Kate was awarded one of ten 2012 $1,000 N...
Sep 06, 2013
by Teresa Tatum
The second annual Clifton on the River Green Tomato Festival is happening Saturday, September 14. Read about what the community at 36th and Clifton ha...
Aug 27, 2013
by Kasey Bradley
How hard is it to be nice? SPOILER ALERT: …it's harder than you think, but it doesn't have to be.
Aug 21, 2013
by Jon Rogers
Catch up with Cataracts Music Fest, a DIY psych rock extravaganza that takes place in Indianapolis this Saturday, August 24.
Jul 29, 2013
by Rob Peoni
Learn all about Nice Grants winner Barbara Zech and her exciting plan to create an "Earth Art Labyrinth" at the Indianapolis Art Center, including an ...
Apr 02, 2013
by Kasey Bradley
It seems like forever ago that we announced our Nice Grants winners, but now that we are in full-on Spring mode it looks like things are starting to...