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Learn to solve with Design Thinking

Human-Centered Problem Solving

Design Thinking Workshop for Innovative Teams


Learn about the design thinking process, a powerful framework for understanding and solving complex problems. Design thinking is all the rage – Harvard Business Review says it’s coming of age and Deloitte cited design thinking as a top ten trend in HR. So what’s all the buzz about? Let us debuzz it for you in this interactive workshop.

At its heart, design thinking is a people-centered process for collaborative solving that pushes you beyond the first good idea. For teams who have felt siloed, it can serve as a powerful model for how to work together collaboratively and iteratively. Once learned, design thinking is flexible and can be applied to a wide range of opportunities within your organization.

Design thinking WORKSHOP dates 

February 23, 2018, 10am - 4pm (Indianapolis) limited to 20 participants.
Eventbrite -  Human-Centered Problem Solving: a Design Thinking Workshop

What to Expect

In this workshop, we'll provide an introduction to design thinking, and equip you with the tools to take this method back to invigorate your team and innovate within your organization. You can expect:

  • Context of how design thinking has led to unique and innovative solutions in a variety of settings.
  • A firm understanding of what happens during each phase of the process – empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test.
  • Practice with various methods from each phase using a sample challenge.
  • A chance to deepen collaboration within your team, and to connect with other innovative thinkers.
  • A fun, hands-on learning experience.

Who is this for?

Design thinking is useful for finding opportunities and solving all kinds of challenges. This method can be applied to designing new services, products and experiences in all kinds of businesses – from small shops to large corporations to nonprofits and service organizations. 

Participants do not need to have any background with visual design or design thinking. This workshop is ideal for whole teams or divisions within an organization, or solo practitioners. 


See what past participants have said about our workshops!

It goes without saying given the Human-Centered Design (HDC) model at the core of the presentation, but the interactivity of the day is fantastic! Having some experience with HCD in my own work, it was incredibly reaffirming to gain different perspectives on the model and the facilitation strategies, not only from the SmallBox folks, but from other attendees as well. Thanks so much for offering this to the community. Indy is a better place for this workshop.

 – Rob Hartman, Butler University

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