"We are here not only to transform the world but also to be transformed"
– Parker J. Palmer
Colin Ulin
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Colin Ulin

Lead Developer

After several years spent as our super intern and graduating from Earlham College, Colin joined us full-time in May of 2015. Armed with his degree in Psychology (with honors to boot!), Colin acts as our on-site therapist and interpreter of dreams...er, that can't be right – Colin is our developer extraordinaire!

Combining his years of coding experience and his technical savvy with his degree in Psychology, Colin is able to get to the "why" of a project. Solving problems is one of his favorite things. From a young age Colin has loved solving puzzles – inventing new solutions and getting his hands on the building blocks of a problem to figure everything out. He started with Legos, moving to computers and eventually landing on the digital code that is key to his new job as developer. He's worked on everything from client websites to diligently improving the platform for our side project, Musical Family Tree, adding tons of new features including a radio with an algorithm so crazy that there's no way anyone could ever understand it. Seriously, it was a big deal – 20,000 songs worth! So, Bring. It. On.

Colin isn't all work and no play, he also spends his time mastering Ultimate Frisbee, biking, learning about all sorts of stuff, reading, and cooking.

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